ModelRocky (5BA-A201S) & (3BA-A210S)
Engine Capacity2WD Model: 1200cc (official 1196cc)
4WD Model: 1000cc (official 996cc)
Driving Type1200cc Model: Two Wheel Drive (2WD) FF
1000cc Model: Four Wheel Drive (4WD)
Transmission TypeCVT Automatic Transmission
FuelGasoline (Petrol)
Passenger Capacity5 (According to Japanese law)
Engine Type1200cc Model: WA-VE . 3 Cylinders 12 Valves
1000cc Model: 1KR-VET . 3 Cylinders . 12 Valves . Intercooler Turbo
Number of Doors5

Daihatsu Rocky HEV

ModelRocky HEV (Hybrid) (5AA-A202S)
Engine Capacity1200cc (official 1196cc)
Driving TypeFF . Two Wheel Drive (2WD)
Transmission TypeAutomatic Transmission
FuelGasoline (Petrol) + Hybrid System
Passenger Capacity5 (According to Japanese law)
Engine TypeWA-VEX . DOHC . 3 Cylinders 12 Valves + E1A Motor Hybrid System
Number of Doors5