Honda Shares First Information on the New NSX Type S, the Final Model of the Second-generation NSX Supercar

Striving to be a model with outstanding dynamic performance, yet that anyone can be comfortable driving, the second-generation NSX was introduced in August 2016, inheriting the “human-centered supercar” concept put forward by the first-generation NSX. Moreover, the second-generation NSX proposes a “New Sports eXperience,” made possible by this new-era supercar which features three-motor Sport Hybrid SH-AWD®, an original Honda electrification technology, and realizes high-level responsiveness and handling performance, not possible with an engine alone.

The new NSX Type S will be the final model of the second-generation NSX, and the development team pursued enhancements to performance and design with the goal to create a model that goes beyond all NSX models that came before.