Crown Hybrid

Specification of Toyota Crown Hybrid

Make & ModelToyota Crown Hybrid
Engine Capacity2500cc (official 2487cc) & 3500cc (official 3456cc)
Driving Type2500cc: FR . Two Wheel Drive (2WD) and Four Wheel Drive (4WD)
3500cc: FR . Two Wheel Drive (2WD) only
Steering PositionRight Hand Drive (steering on the right side of car)
Transmission Type2500cc: Super intelligent 8 Speed (8 SUPER ECT) Automatic Transmission
3500cc: Multi Stage Hybrid Automatic Transmission
FuelGasoline (Petrol) + Hybrid System
Passenger Capacity5 (According to Japanese law)
Engine Type2500cc: A25A-FXS . 4 Cylinders . 16 Valves + 1KM Motor Hybrid System
3500cc: 8GR-FXS . 6 Cylinders . 24 Valves + 2NM Motor Hybrid System
Number of Doors4