Hiace Van

Specification of Toyota Hiace Van

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ModelHiace Van
Engine CapacityGasoline (Petrol) : 2000cc (net 1998cc) & 2700cc (net 2693cc) / Diesel : 2800cc (net 2754cc)
Driving Type2000cc : Two Wheel Drive (2WD) / 2700cc & 2800cc : Two Wheel Drive (2WD) & Four Wheel Drive (4WD)
Steering PositionRight Hand Drive (steering on the right side of van)
Transmission Type2000cc: Gasoline engine: Manual Transmission (MT) and Automatic Transmission (AT)
2700cc: Gasoline engine & 2800cc: Diesel engine: Automatic Transmission (AT) only
FuelAvailable in both Diesel and also Gasoline (Petrol)
Passenger Capacity3 persons & 6 persons (available in 4 & 5 doors) 9 persons (4 doors only) . (Basically delivery van)
(The passenger capacity is according to Japanese law)
Engine Type2000cc Gasoline (Petrol) Engine: 1TR-FE DOHC 4 Cylinders . 16 Valves
2700cc Gasoline (Petrol) Engine: 2TR-FE DOHC 4 Cylinders . 16 Valves
2800cc Diesel Engine: 1GD-FTV DOHC 4 Cylinders . 16 Valves . Turbo
Number of DoorsAvailable in both 4 doors and also 5 doors